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Online Grocery Shop called SATEZ.

This is the end result of my UI design. The Online Grocery Shop is called SATEZ.


An online platform program called the Grocery App allows you to quickly and simply order goods for delivery in just twenty minutes. Here, you may shop while lounging at home for vegetables, fruits, soft drinks, confectionery, and a wide variety of other foods.


People in this period were so busy with their hectic lives that they didn’t have enough time to go out and purchase the food they needed. Instead, they had to write a list of what they wanted to buy, and when they couldn’t find it, they went in search of it, which took a
lot of their time.


As a result, as UX/UI designers, we decided to create an online application that would enable users to quickly purchase the groceries they need, have the delivery delivered to their doorstep following the purchase, and therefore save time and allow them to unwind at home.

Client Goal

This is a local grocery shop. The client like to increase sales. That’s why we develop an online selling platform.

Basic design

I have made 2 designs this basic solid one.

Classic Design

Classic Design covers the maximum section for a common conventional landing page

My Role

I am UI/UX designer here. I collect information from users and make some research on requirements. Draw wireframe, then high fidelity design. My last job was the prototype.


Prototype was tested by real users. Collect 100 user feedback. The result is 75% positive feedback.

SATEZ is a e-commerce website. They deliver Grocery to consumer dor. They have a big store/outlet also. I have designed the UI. Also, I develop the WordPress Website using Woocommerce. What is your opinion? hope you like it and feel free to leave your feedback! I have done: 1. UI/UX (Mobile App, Dashboard, Website). 2. Illustration & Icon set. 3. Logo & Brand Design. 4. Development

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