Hi, I am Kibria……. a Bangladeshi-born Product designer, Motion Graphic designer, front-end developer and moreover a UX engineer. I am completely self-taught, easy going and have the ambition and dedication that comes with such a background which makes a firm resolution about the future of web design and development.

After graduating from State University of Bangladesh, I’ve been actively involved in web designing for 11 years. I would say that I am extremely fluent in language of HTML, CSS and CMS (WordPress). I am also getting better each day with Javascript / Jquery and PHP MySql. Even I’ve sky high passion for creating useful and active stuff while constantly trying to learn and improve the process.

I believe in simplicity. I believe in intuitive design that helps solving clients requirements and satisfy with their own taste and beauty. I believe….I believe that no one is perfect and no one can consume every knowledge either. Because there is always a new thing to learn. So I bound to work with latest technologies available to gather my knowledge and that\’s why I believe I’ll be able to fulfill my stakeholders expectation with its fullest. I believe in having fun while trying to learn and that success is more fun.

My concernalways focused on the point where my every work will be simpler to understand delightful for the user to navigate and experience the something unique. My concern becoming obsessed with making things and more obsessed with making thing better even under tight and demanding deadlines. Ideally, every project I ever work on will be engaging and long lasting in its influence. So any question beyond what I’ve already laid out are welcomed and appreciated.

Areas of my expertise

UI Design












Motion Design


Golam Kibria

Golam Kibria

Educational background

I have passed successfully my S.S.C examination and get admitted into diploma in computer engineering.

Afte completing my diploma course, I get admitted into B.SC in computer science.

By austere ascetic practice I have completed my B.SC course and then want to get a best job for myself and in that case I applied for that requirement.

I have gained myself as an web-desingner by practicing Web interfece desinging, CMS templating, Data base management, HTML & CSS coding, PHP, AS1, AS2. Web applications, JavaScript and AJAX, Email marketing etc.

I want to express myself as an professional UX director and besides, I want to display my creativities about this sense.